August 11, 2009

The Zoo Bikers

While working at the library yesterday I helped out a cool dude trying to upload photos onto his blog. Library security is pretty tight so he couldn't preview what he was uploading.

Turned out him and his friends were biking across America. Last stop was Astoria, Oregon; where I lived for the last two years.

They're at the end of their journey and will be taking a train back. Sorry Heidi, they won't be heading your way ;]

So check out Zoo Across America and read their story. It's very interesting and very inspiring. Makes me want to check out the Grand Tetons at some point in my life :]

August 9, 2009

Dense Memories

Sony has released/leaked specs for a 2 terabyte memory card. Before I hype things up though, that doesn't mean that a 2 terabyte card will be out soon - that just means that they've figured it out and it might happen someday. The next step will be to release flash cards with high capacities like 64 GB and higher.

I used to have a PSP and over time I managed to collect quite a few of Sony's Memory Stick Pro Duos. It's pretty amazing holding a little piece of plastic thinner than a piece of cardboard and only a little larger than my thumbnail that also holds several movies, games, pictures, and music.

My PC's hard drive is only 250GB, I have another external hard drive that has another 250GB. Neither hard drive is full yet. The external hard drive has about 50GB worth of ebooks.

A 2 Terabyte flash card smaller than your thumb is moving into the realm of adding expansion to the mind. I don't think it's known how much 'hard drive' space the brain has but why would it matter when you can plug a few microsofts into your brain with an entire library built in? Forget memorizing books so you can recite them, just carry the library of congress with you!

Via SonyInsider

August 2, 2009

The Kindle Turns Books Into... Kindle?

Is this the future? Are books really finally disappearing?
A few years ago E-Readers were a novelty gadget. Nifty but not very common or useful. Suddenly, however, it seems as if every company is scrambling to get a piece of the cake. Amazon, Sony, Barnes and Noble, and others, are trying to get the biggest slice.

Newspapers are struggling with the growth of the internet and many may soon fade. Unfortunately it seems like journalism is entering an electronic era and newspaper stands are probably going to disappear. Internet TV is becoming more common with 'internet only' TV shows that will begin to put pressure on even television. TV killed the radio star? Maybe someday it will be the Internet killed the sitcom star.

The great thing about some of the newest ereaders is their internet capability. Sony missed out with their latest generation but Amazon is using the Sprint network and the PlasticLogic is using AT&T's network to bring you your very own hitchhiker's guide. Make sure you've bookmarked all your favorite wiki's and you've got no reason not to know something.

Continuing Amazon's attempt to burn paper media, you can get some newspapers delivered daily to your Kindle. Coupled with the ability to view blogs, a few thousand books... why should we keep printing on dead trees? E-readers are smooth, futuristic, and even green.

I doubt that ereaders will completely destroy printed media. We still have radio shows even though we've got television, and we've still got libraries even though books are cheap and mass produced now. We may begin to see more 'digitally exclusive' books soon though. I imagine novellas and short stories may become more common too. They can be turned out and distributed much faster than thick hardback novels. Just write it up, get an ISBN, and contact amazon to start distributing.

What Amazon REALLY meant by calling it the 'Kindle'

July 21, 2009

Back and with Robots!

I've been gone for awhile while I made some changes to the site and decided to wait to update until I was connected to mystblogs again.

So now that I'm back let's cut to the chase - robots.

The video suggests these life-like robots could be used as teachers in the future... I really don't see a practical application for teaching but definite use as entertainment!

Another great application of this would be more realistic robotic pets. Understanding human face muscles and subtleties are things humans are experts at. As we get better at making human-like robots we can expect to see the animal-like robots getting more realistic as well.

Plug in one of those laminated mouse brains and you've got a genuine pet!

And let's just be honest... the obvious real application for human-like robots is sexbots.

From Disturbingly Real Replicants via Digg

June 17, 2009

Strange Future Roundup 1

Starting a new feature post today: Strange Future Roundup... I'll post several things I find interesting as opposed to the usual one topic.

First up: The Ratborg

My favorite cyborg engineer, Kevin Warwick is at it again. I've been very interested in his recent creations using brain cells to make 'artificially' intelligent robots. I say 'artificially' because they're not really artificial at all. They're natural rat brain cells they just live in a robotic body. This technology is very exciting because it means we could potentially host 'brains-in-a-jar' and give them bodies... or at the very least make really cool robotic robots.

Second up: Jet Drill

Apparently the goal of this is to bore down to where there is magma so we can create lots of geothermal hotspots for energy. This is in so many science fiction movies I can't even think of them all. Hopefully we won't break the planet apart or anything... since y'know... this is the only planet we have.

Third: The Prosthetic Limbs

One of my friends from college wants to get into this line of work. She once said she wants to create prosthetic limbs so good that "normal people will want to chop off their limbs to get one."
This video is actually very exciting. Just look at those freakin' robot arms! SEXY!
Of course I doubt those limbs are very strong... and of course without the ability to sense where your limb is or any sense of touch at all it's gotta feel a bit like you're controlling a puppet arm. But hell... this is an amazing step!

all found on Technovelgy

June 11, 2009

Playing in Zero-G

Remember that... if you're ever on a space station and need to get somewhere fast, quickly give someone a high-five.

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June 8, 2009

Thank you Mr. Orwell

For inspiring politicians, governments, and scientists everywhere.

We've now invented the Telescreen.

Maybe next we can have a few world-spanning empires.
I honestly don't see a good enough reason for us to have this technology. I'm a huge supporter of all technology, good and evil, but this is one that should be buried and forgotten.

found on Technovelgy