August 9, 2009

Dense Memories

Sony has released/leaked specs for a 2 terabyte memory card. Before I hype things up though, that doesn't mean that a 2 terabyte card will be out soon - that just means that they've figured it out and it might happen someday. The next step will be to release flash cards with high capacities like 64 GB and higher.

I used to have a PSP and over time I managed to collect quite a few of Sony's Memory Stick Pro Duos. It's pretty amazing holding a little piece of plastic thinner than a piece of cardboard and only a little larger than my thumbnail that also holds several movies, games, pictures, and music.

My PC's hard drive is only 250GB, I have another external hard drive that has another 250GB. Neither hard drive is full yet. The external hard drive has about 50GB worth of ebooks.

A 2 Terabyte flash card smaller than your thumb is moving into the realm of adding expansion to the mind. I don't think it's known how much 'hard drive' space the brain has but why would it matter when you can plug a few microsofts into your brain with an entire library built in? Forget memorizing books so you can recite them, just carry the library of congress with you!

Via SonyInsider

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