April 23, 2009

Under 290

I was supposed to update a few days ago when I reached the 290 mark but I guess I got lazy.

My parents bought a Wii last week with lots of exercise games. It's been pretty fun, I never thought the Wii was that great until I tried the Gold's Gym Cardio thing. It's actually just a glorified boxing sim, but it's pretty cool. It does get you working up a good sweat too.

While playing it earlier my mom made the comment "What will they come up with next that's better than this?"

If nintendo keeps going down this route, the next step would be something even more like virtual reality... but they really need to fix the sensitivity of the controllers. Sometimes I feel like I'm moving my fists at Dragonball Z speeds and the Wii only registers like three punches, or the punches aren't even going in the direction I am.

The next Wii should take advantage of head tracking, like this video shows:

or add some sensors for your feet or legs.

We're getting closer to holographic displays too:


See you again at 280