July 21, 2009

Back and with Robots!

I've been gone for awhile while I made some changes to the site and decided to wait to update until I was connected to mystblogs again.

So now that I'm back let's cut to the chase - robots.

The video suggests these life-like robots could be used as teachers in the future... I really don't see a practical application for teaching but definite use as entertainment!

Another great application of this would be more realistic robotic pets. Understanding human face muscles and subtleties are things humans are experts at. As we get better at making human-like robots we can expect to see the animal-like robots getting more realistic as well.

Plug in one of those laminated mouse brains and you've got a genuine pet!

And let's just be honest... the obvious real application for human-like robots is sexbots.

From Disturbingly Real Replicants via Digg