June 8, 2009

Thank you Mr. Orwell

For inspiring politicians, governments, and scientists everywhere.

We've now invented the Telescreen.

Maybe next we can have a few world-spanning empires.
I honestly don't see a good enough reason for us to have this technology. I'm a huge supporter of all technology, good and evil, but this is one that should be buried and forgotten.

found on Technovelgy


Anonymous said...

We haven't invented the Telescreen, we've just invented a screen that can take pictures. A very *small* screen--current prototype is about half an inch on a side. If the Telescreen is what we were going for, we wouldn't make a whole screen out of the material--we'd just use a regular plasma or LCD display and put a little digital camera on top. Chill.

Harrison said...

The way you kept saying 'we' was creepy.

Also, I may have been a little overdramatic so I'd get some comments. Worked. :]